I am a creative professional with extensive hands-on experience in a broad range of industries and media. I help people realize their business goals with thoughtfully crafted design solutions.
My specialties include...
• Creating scalable UI & UX for devices of all sizes
• Information and interaction design problem solving
• Creative direction
• Competitor analysis and design research
• Deep knowledge of foundational concepts in visual design: color, type and imagery
• Setting up, maintaining and working within design systems/libraries; atomic design principles 
• Applying branding guidelines consistently across different media
• Applying usability best practices and accessibility standards 
• An understanding of legal and ethical considerations in design
• Prototyping digital and print products
• Adjusting and refining designs in response to user testing and other feedback
• An understanding of technical considerations in different media and devices and preparing deliverables accordingly
• Authoring design specification documents/style guides
• Project scoping and time estimation
• Identifying opportunities for product & design process improvements
• Interdisciplinary collaboration: working with product managers/owners, developers, editors, content producers, marketing, sales, customers
• Exchanging feedback constructively throughout the design process
• Presenting design work to project stakeholders
• Working with remote and mixed teams or independently
​​​​​​​• Adapting to changing client needs, project requirements and schedules
• An innate desire to organize, to pay serious attention to detail, and to be efficient
• Sketch, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, XD, After Effects, InVision, Google Docs, Mechanical Pencil & Scrap Paper
• JIRA, Basecamp, Trello, Slack, Skype, etc.
• Squarespace, WordPress
• Understanding of current methodologies like agile, design sprints, etc. and working within variations of these frameworks
Brands I've worked with
Directly or via larger studios
What does 234 stand for?
When portfolios on CD’s were a thing it seemed like a good choice for presenting the work I had which included some packaging and motion graphics. The mailer I prepared had 3 panels labeled 2, 3, 4 and these stood for 2-dimensional work like print and photography, 3-dimensional work like paper sculpture and packaging, and 4-dimensional* work like video and motion graphics. I registered the domain 2-3-4.com soon after and stuck with it over the years. These days I still see it as relevant to digital product design. I think of 2D as visual/UI design on a screen, 3D as people’s spatial relation with the physical extensions of those screens (phones, watches, smart home devices, payment terminals, etc.) and 4D as UX or the way that people progress, think and feel as they interact with those screens and devices over time.
*colloquially speaking

Less serious stuff about me
Biggest career decision: Early on I turned down an internship at Pentagram for my first “big” freelance project. Yikes.  Unpopular opinion: Assembling Ikea furniture is (mostly) enjoyable.  Guilty pleasure: Toss up between playing with legos and sorting legos.  Fun fact: I was born on the same day as the first IVF baby.  Last song I ruined by playing too much: Attention/Charlie Puth. I know. ugh.  Last book I started and probably won’t finish: Raising Kids Who Read  Favorite flavor combo: Peanut butter and chocolate.  Favorite color: All of them.  Dog or cat? Cat.  
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